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Moses Binoga

Uganda , Class of 2015

Moses Binoga

2015 TIP Report


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Moses Binoga leads a government task force in Uganda to combat modern-slavery. He actively advocates for better policies and cooperation.

Moses Binoga, a policeman by trade, has been active in anti-trafficking for years. Currently, he serves as the Coordinator of the Ugandan National Counter Human Trafficking Taskforce. The position is not new to Mr. Binoga, since he served previously as the unit's first acting commissioner. During his first time with the unit, one of the major issues in Uganda was the kidnapping of children for ritual murder or for the sale of their body parts for use in witchcraft. He responded to this threat by setting up points of contact at every police station to which people could report missing children. His advocacy in that respect saved children who would have been killed or permanently maimed. 

He returned to the Unit in early 2013. He returned to the unit shortly after it's former leader, Eunice Kisembo, passed away in 2012. She was honored as a TIP Hero in memoriam in the 2013 TIP Report. The trafficking landscape in Uganda had changed from ritual murder to sex trafficking, both internally and internationally. The task force is government led, but Mr. Binoga has coordinated with the civil society coalition against trafficking in order to be more effective. The Task Force has conducted trainings, built awareness of the issue, and are working with the IOM to develop a national database for trafficking statistics. They have affected policy by drafting guidelines on victim care for investigators and pushing for stronger and more effective prosecutions of human traffickers. 

An outspoken advocate in the media, Mr. Binoga helps to coordinate all trafficking activities in Uganda. He has engaged with diplomatic missions to Uganda to try and develop preventative measures against international human trafficking. In 2015, Mr. Binoga was named a Hero Acting to End Modern Slavery in recognition of his incredible efforts to combat this crime. 





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