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Moussa Sow

Senegal , Class of 2006

Moussa Sow

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Moussa Sow, once a street child himself, fights for street children in Senegal, providing support, services, and, when possible, reuniting them with their families.

The organization “Avenir De l’Enfant” was co-founded by Mr. Sow in 1990, in order to help care for street youths and children who were homeless. The organization has also actively combated the system of forced begging for Koranic schoolboys common in Senegal, and cared for girls who are vulnerable in order to prevent sexual exploitation. They fight against sexual abuse, physical abuse, exploitation of children for any purpose, and homelessness. Mr. Sow personally spends time out on the streets looking for children to help, and figures out ways to help them. When possible, he works to re-united children with their families. He reaches out to children who are in prison, and sees the children that he has rescued or helped into adulthood. He has a large shelter as a result of a campaign, and is able to house homeless youth there, providing them with a variety of services such as vocational training, counseling, healthcare, and AIDS awareness activities. He forms personal bonds with the children he helps, and he has shown incredible love for them and dedication to helping vulnerable youth.

In the 2014 TIP Report, Senegal was listed as a tier 2 country. It is a source, destination, and transit country. Women are trafficked in and out of Senegal, and so are children. Forced begging, through the cultural practices of Talibes, contributes heavily to the problem of child labor in Senegal.

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