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Roseline Eguabor

Italy , Class of 2019

Roseline Eguabor

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Roseline Eguabor is a stalwart supporter for Nigerian and West African human trafficking victims and survivors, helping them leave their trafficking situations and integrate into Italian society.

She is currently working with the International Organization for Migration to promote victim-centered human trafficking screening, identification, and protection protocols on a global scale.  In Italy, she serves as a cultural mediator and social entrepreneur. 

Eguabor understands first-hand the importance of building stable relationships with victims of human trafficking and tenaciously works to earn and keep their long-term trust.  Eguabor draws from her experience as a trafficking survivor and from her familiarity with the psychological manipulation trafficking victims endure.  She often starts building relationships by meeting victims upon their arrival at migrant reception centers and disembarkation points.  Fluent in six languages, Eguabor fills a critical need for interpretation services for trafficking victims seeking help with local governments, law enforcement, and hospitals. 

For the past decade, Eguabor has also volunteered with the Pellegrine Della Terra Association, helping survivors apply for work permits, legal residency, and jobs.  In 2012, she co-founded the social cooperative, Al Reve, which helps survivors participate in the formal labor market.  One of Al Reve’s projects supports a workshop in which trafficking survivors repurpose textiles to create bags, armchairs, and clothing for sale locally and online.

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