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Raoudha Laabidi

Tunisia , Class of 2019

Raoudha Laabidi

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As President of the National Authority to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Raoudha Laabidi has been the driving force behind the government’s efforts to implement a new law to combat trafficking in persons.

She demonstrated exceptional leadership and an uncanny ability to marshal scarce resources to ensure the Government of Tunisia continues to improve its ability to deliver a comprehensive anti-trafficking strategy.  Civil society organizations and government officials have credited Laabidi for turning the National Authority into an effective interagency anti-trafficking body in just two years as president.  Laabidi’s unwavering dedication to the issue and her remarkable understanding of legal nuances and bureaucratic processes has enabled the National Authority to establish a headquarters as well as a temporary shelter for human trafficking victims. 

A judge by training, Laabidi served as the first female president of the Tunisian Magistrates Union prior to her appointment and chaired it for two terms during the critical period of democratic transition from 2012 to 2015.  Throughout her career, Laabidi has forged strong, sustainable partnerships with civil society and international organizations to leverage their resources and expertise.  Through a concerted civic education campaign, Laabidi has shed light on a previously unknown crime within Tunisian society, greatly increasing public understanding about human trafficking.

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