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Parosha Chandran

United Kingdom , Class of 2015

Parosha Chandran

2015 TIP Report

United Kingdom

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TIP Award Year:

Additional Recognition:

'Barrister of the Year award': The Law Society of England and Wales Excellence Awards, 2008

'Human Rights Lawyer of the Year' awarded by the Society of Asian Lawyers, 2009

'Woman of Achievement': Women of the Year awards 2009




Parosha Chandran is a human rights lawyer who operates out the UK. Both a cutting edge policymaker, and a practicing attorney, she has helped victims to seek justice in the courts.

Parosha Chandran is a leading human rights lawyer in the United Kingdom, with almost 20 years of human rights litigation and practice. She began volunteering and interning extensively with human rights organizations while she was in university and graduate school. She was admitted to the bar in 1997, and began to practice law as a barrister with 1 Pump Court Chambers in London. She has litigated a host of precedent-setting cases on behalf of victims of trafficking, including the first successful case that was brought to the European Court of Human Rights about a human trafficking protection claim against the United Kingdom. She has been active as part of the Advisory Board of the British Institute for Human Rights, and co-founded the Trafficking Law and Policy Forum in 2007. 

She is internationally recognized as one of the leading legal experts on human trafficking in the world. She has been consulted for numerous publications and laws. She served on the legal steering committee for the UK's Modern Slavery Bill. She was appointed by another TIP Report Hero, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, to provide expert advice on the non-punishment of victims of human trafficking for the OSCE in 2012. She has also served as an expert on human trafficking with the Council of Europe, and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. Working closely with NGOs, she has helped to change the legal landscape for victims of human trafficking in the United Kingdom and in the world. 

Ms. Chandran brings a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to human trafficking. She is a litigator, a policy adviser, an author and a legal expert. Her cases have achieved incredible results for victims. She has appealed cases of victims who were convicted of crimes which were committed because of their trafficking, she has helped victims to recover in a civil suit against the police for lack of an investigation, and helped achieve refugee status for victims of human trafficking. Her cases have both achieved results for individual victims and helped to point out flaws and gaps in the laws surrounding human trafficking. She continues to practice as an attorney in the UK, and to consult internationally as a leading human trafficking expert. In 2015, she was named as a Hero Acting to End Modern Slavery in recognition of her incredible efforts. 


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