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Veronica Supliguicha

Ecuador , Class of 2019

Veronica Supliguicha

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As tireless advocates and experts on human trafficking, Daniel Rueda and Veronica Supliguicha have earned widespread recognition and respect in Ecuador for strengthening the Ecuadorian government’s protection framework.

They are true pioneers, having co-founded Alas de Colibrí, one of only two human trafficking shelters in Ecuador.  Since 2012, Rueda and Supliguicha have served more than 300 Ecuadorian, Colombian, Venezuelan, and Peruvian survivors of both sex and labor trafficking.  Under their leadership, Alas de Colibrí has developed a highly personalized and holistic approach to victim protection that empowers and uplifts human trafficking survivors, primarily adolescent girls, by providing them with essential psychological, legal, education, and health services.  Alas de Colibrí delivers livelihood trainings that cover topics such as entrepreneurship, business management, banking, and finance, and offers artistic, cultural, and environmentally focused activities.  

In addition to managing the shelter, Rueda and Supliguicha have led human trafficking prevention campaigns focused on reaching marginalized populations throughout Ecuador.  The two lead a network of anti-trafficking NGOs in Ecuador and were instrumental in organizing civil society input into the government’s national action plan to combat human trafficking.  The Ecuadorian government, local organizations, and multilateral bodies routinely seek their advice on human trafficking-related legislation and social programs for refugees, migrants, at-risk children and adolescents, and other vulnerable populations.  Rueda and Supliguicha are a formidable team and strong advocates for victims of human trafficking.

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