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Paul Holmes

United Kingdom , Class of 2013

Paul Holmes

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United Kingdom

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A world-renowned expert on human trafficking, and an ex-Scotland yard detective, Paul Holmes trains and educates about policing human trafficking.

Paul Holmes had a long and successful career with the New Scotland Yard before focusing on human trafficking and law enforcement responses to victims of trafficking. He was an operational officer, and a criminal investigator, with the famed UK Police Force, heading up a vice department. But since 2003 or so, his focus has been on training law enforcement, and speaking or writing about effective law enforcement responses to cases of trafficking. His approach is both human rights centered, and victim-centered. His training program is interactive and is covers various types of investigative techniques. He is world-renowned for his expertise, and for the quality of his trainings. He focuses on the practical application of his techniques, and has conducted trainings all over the world. He has helped to write and publish a variety of manuals and articles describing best practices for law enforcement, including an article written with fellow TIP Hero Anne Gallagher. He has worked with the UN, the IOM, the OSCE, INTERPOL and others. He has also held advisory roles to a variety of organizations, and currently holds one with the UNODC Expert Group on the Palermo Protocol. In 2013, he was given a Hero Acting to End Modern Slavery Award for his efforts to combat human trafficking.

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