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Patricia Ho

Hong Kong , Class of 2020

Patricia Ho

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Patricia Ho’s unwavering leadership has been a driving force in increasing awareness of human trafficking in Hong Kong.

As the Founder of Hong Kong Dignity Institute, Ho defends and advances the rights of human trafficking victims and minority groups in Hong Kong by challenging government policies and law.

As a public law practitioner, Ho began representing a survivor of human trafficking in 2015 to challenge the Hong Kong government’s failure to protect him as a victim of human trafficking.  During the past five years, while representing the survivor, Ho raised awareness of the dire need for a human trafficking law in Hong Kong and uplifted the survivor’s voice in advocating for better treatment of victims in Hong Kong.   

In addition to her important litigation work, Ho provides critical legal and strategic advice to several NGOs and works with local and international bodies to advocate for the rights of marginalized groups, including refugees, asylum seekers, and victims of human trafficking in Hong Kong. Ho provides trainings and seminars to the legal community in Hong Kong on ways to protect trafficking victims. She is also a major advocate for and is well-trained in the trauma-informed approach to client management.

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