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Maizidah Salas

Indonesia , Class of 2018

Maizidah Salas

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Maizidah Salas is a leading voice for migrant worker rights in Indonesia. Using her experience as a former migrant worker and survivor of human trafficking, Ms. Salas pioneered the establishment of the Village of Migrant Workers, an NGO that provides skills training and support to individuals and their families who migrate for economic opportunity and that works to increase awareness about human trafficking among this vulnerable population.

Her organization employs former migrant workers, including trafficking survivors, to provide training on safe migration practices, economic empowerment, and early childhood education for those working or considering work overseas. The Village has become a model community in Indonesia.

Since 2011, Ms. Salas has served on the executive board of the National Council of Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union and as the Chairwoman of the local Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union in Wonosobo. Her ambition and drive have also led her to establish a school for children of migrant workers in a village in Wonosobo, which garnered recognition from the Indonesian government.

Ms. Salas has been a staunch advocate for trafficking survivors and their families, elevating the importance of protecting their rights and offering needed services. She has also raised awareness among Indonesians about human trafficking through multiple public outreach campaigns, including through her role in a recent anti-trafficking film.

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