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Josue Ango

Burkina Faso , Class of 2018

Josue Ango

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As the director of the department in charge of combating violence against children within the Ministry of Women, National Solidarity and Family, Josue Ango is a driving force behind Burkina Faso’s efforts to combat human trafficking.

In addition to his regular duties, Mr. Ango devotes his personal time to serving as the National Coordinator for the Working Group on Child Protection including Trafficking in Persons, which brings together Burkinabe government agencies, and national and international organizations, to coordinate anti-trafficking efforts.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ango has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to building the Burkinabe government’s capacity to address this crime. Mr. Ango has organized and conducted trainings for numerous stakeholders, including government officials, social workers, police officers, and traditional and religious leaders on children rights. He drafted the National Program to Combat Child Labor in the mining sector, which included new provisions to strengthen protections for children. Mr. Ango played a critical role in recognizing the need for and developing a solution to establish stronger cooperation between Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire to combat cross-border human trafficking.

In addition, Mr. Ango has worked tirelessly to reduce the vulnerability of youth in Burkina Faso’s two major cities, Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso, through projects focused on the social and economic empowerment and reintegration of homeless youth.

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