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Ivana Radović

Serbia , Class of 2018

Ivana Radović

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Ivana Radović is the Head of Policy and Learning at ASTRA, one of Serbia’s leading grassroots anti-trafficking NGOs. In this role, she has worked tirelessly to strengthen Serbia’s response to human trafficking through advocacy and engagement with the government, the development of reports and resources for practitioners, and the provision of legal representation for victims, including free legal review of workers’ employment contracts to ensure compliance with labor laws.

She also acts as ASTRA’s public relations officer, boldly serving as the public representative of the organization in the face of threats, harassment, and scrutiny.

Ms. Radović produces the organization’s annual report on the successes and shortfalls in Serbia’s prosecution efforts on human trafficking cases and has authored a number of key manuals that Serbian court officials reference extensively. These tools have played an instrumental role in helping Serbia’s judicial system provide relief to victims in an increasingly victim-centered manner and enhancing prosecutors’ and judges’ understanding of human trafficking in its various forms.

As a result of Ms. Radović’s work to build ASTRA into one of the most credible NGOs fighting human trafficking in the country, Serbia’s government established a cooperative relationship with the organization and has included its staff in many of its anti-trafficking initiatives to serve as subject matter experts.

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