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Iman Al Sailawi and Basim Abdulrazzaq Jebur

Iraq , Class of 2023

Iman Al Sailawi and Basim Abdulrazzaq Jebur

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Mrs. Iman Al Sailawi and Mr. Basim Abdulrazzaq Jebur provide support services and shelter in Iraq for stranded migrant workers, child labor, and forced child labor.

Mrs. Iman Al Sailawi and Mr. Basim Abdulrazzaq Jebur have worked together to combat human trafficking in Iraq since 2003.  They officially registered their anti-trafficking organization, “Fate” (Masser in Arabic), in 2014.  Despite bureaucratic obstacles that for years delayed their organization’s official registration and ability to operate its shelter, Mrs. Iman and Mr. Basim forged ahead, aiming to release and support as many individuals as possible.  As circumstances evolved, they adapted, continuing their self-funded work, and again expanded their work to help free people enslaved by ISIS and raising public awareness that religion did not sanction or excuse such acts.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, they secured the release and repatriation of dozens of migrant domestic workers who were abused, exploited, and stranded in Iraq without resources or documents, including 27 Bhutanese women whose employer had not paid them for a year.  In all, Mrs. Iman and Mr. Basim have identified and provided support and services to several hundred victims of human trafficking from dozens of countries at their shelter, while directing thousands more to the right services.

Fate’s consistent advocacy for increased action against trafficking in persons and increased support services have made Mrs. Iman and Mr. Basim targets of criticism and threats.  Fate remains the only Iraqi NGO exclusively dedicated to fighting and ending human trafficking.  It has expanded its activities to training officials and practitioners interacting with trafficking victims and engaging lawmakers on anti-trafficking legislation.  It also publishes an annual report on human trafficking in Iraq.

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