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Camilious Machingura

Zimbabwe , Class of 2019

Camilious Machingura

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Camilious Machingura is an inspiring anti-trafficking advocate within Zimbabwe and the broader southern Africa region.

As the Team Leader for the Zimbabwe Community Development Association (ZCDA), Machingura plays a pivotal role in raising national awareness about trafficking in persons by dedicating countless hours engaging with national, regional, and international media outlets to ensure all Zimbabweans can identify potential trafficking indicators.  His meticulous efforts to socialize Zimbabwe’s 2014 anti-trafficking law with community leaders and law enforcement officials and organize trainings and intragovernmental dialogues have elevated human trafficking as a policy priority for the government.  Machingura also helped the government develop standard operating procedures to increase the effectiveness of its national referral mechanism for human trafficking victims.

Machingura is generous with his time and personal resources, helping trafficking survivors rebuild their lives and empowering vulnerable populations in rural communities throughout Zimbabwe to recognize traffickers’ fraudulent recruitment tactics.  ZCDA is a grassroots organization specializing in protecting vulnerable populations, promoting human rights, and advocating for the Government of Zimbabwe to prioritize providing fundamental humanitarian and social services to its communities.  Through ZCDA, Machingura has provided reintegration and counseling services to more than 150 Zimbabwean survivors whom traffickers fraudulently recruited to work in Kuwait in 2017, and designed livelihood programs aimed at providing them with the skills and abilities critical for supporting themselves and their families.

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